Areas de ejercicio

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Corporate Compliance Labour Law Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Law Civil Law
Public Law Constitutional Law IT and Communications Laws Criminal Law
Mercantile Law Taxation Department Sports and Entertainment Law Arbitration

SÁNCHEZ DE LEÓN ABOGADOS practices in all legal areas, both nationally and within all the Spanish Autonomous Communities, and internationally through Associated Firms of recognized prestige in France, Italy, England and Portugal. Each Department has all the professionals and necessary means for handling litigation proceedings in the jurisdiction relevant to it, so that proceduralpractice is handled by specialists in each area.

  • Risk Evaluation. Objectives.
  • Drafting and implementation of Regulations.
  • Supervision.
  • Controls in Boards and Committees/Commissions.
  • Tracking activities.
  • Corporate defense in cases of potential criminal liability.

  • Hiring in general.
  • Urban and rural leasing.
  • Outstanding payments.
  • Family.
  • Associations and Foundations.
  • Art.
  • Franchises.
  • Image rights.
  • Industrial Property.
  • Joint Ownership.

  • Support to the other Departments.
  • Appeal for legal protection.
  • Unconstitutionality issues.

  • Collective dismissal procedures.
  • Disciplinary and for-cause dismissals.
  • Senior management.
  • Collective bargaining.
  • Hiring.
  • Change of working terms.
  • Social Security.
  • Situations of social disputes.
  • Occupational risk prevention.
  • Occupational accidents.
  • Benefits surcharges.
  • Remuneration systems.

  • Corporate.
  • Secretaryships of Boards of Directors.
  • Mercantile procurement.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Corporate Compliance.

  • Personal crimes.
  • Corporate and business crimes.
  • Tax and Social Security crimes.
  • Crimes against Worker Rights.
  • Criminal responsibility of corporations.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against Public health and Consumer Rights.
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property crimes.
  • Crimes related to New Technologies.
  • Offenses.


  • Administrative and Judicial Proceedings before Public Administrations.
  • Procedures for requesting government authorization.
  • Relations with Public Administration bodies.
  • Disciplinary Law.
  • Asset Claims to Administration bodies.
  • Expropriations.
  • Competition, Anti-trust.


The brand HEALTHCARE LAW CONSULTING was created to develop healthcare and pharmaceutical Law and covers all healthcare, pharmaceutical, clinical and medical matters in a coordinated and specific manner. These matters demand intense dedication, given their broad scope and that they link to different branches of the Law, but thanks to the expertise acquired by SÁNCHEZ DE LEÓN ABOGADOS over many years of specialization and dedication, we can address this professional field with a wide-ranging knowledge of the issues involved.

  • Comprehensive advice to companies and corporations in this industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industrial property.
  • Defective products.
  • Medicinal plants and nutritional complements.
  • Handling of procedures before the European Commission.
  • Healthcare policy legal issues: National and Autonomous Community Health Services.
  • Professional litigation between healthcare professionals and public and private employers.
  • Counselling to medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and nursing companies and corporations.
  • Malpractice lawsuits.

  • Data Protection.
  • Outsourcing of IT systems and procurement of goods and services.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Intellectual property and Author Copyrights.
  • Electronic commerce and payment systems.
  • Applied Labour Law.
  • Applied Criminal Law.
  • CSSI and CE.

  • Resolución de consultas tributarias de ámbito estatal, autonómico y local.
  • Comprobación de liquidaciones, planteamiento de recursos.
  • Inspección ante los órganos de la Administración Tributaria y Tribunales Económico-Administrativos.
  • Planificación patrimonial.
  • Fiscalidad internacional.
  • Inspecciones Fiscales.

  • Resolution of taxation and accounting queries at the national, regional and local levels.
  • Examination of settlements, presentation of appeals.
  • Inspection proceedings before the bodies of the Tax Authority.
  • Asset planning.
  • International taxation.
  • Formal proceedings, financial matters and litigation involving public authorities.

  • Contracts for rights transfer and/or rights of use.
  • Sponsorship/exhibition display contracts.
  • Naming rights.
  • Trademark license contracts.
  • Contracts for leasing and transfer of spaces for events.


  • Specialised lawyers practising as arbitrators before a court and arbitration institutions.
  • Prior advisory service to determine the advisability of arbitration, the institution and the most advisable type of arbitration in each case.
  • Action in any of the areas of the law.
  • Comprehensive intervention including, if appropriate, the execution of arbitration awards.

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