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This website, like most others, uses cookies to improve and optimise your user experience. Below you can find detailed information about what a cookie is, what types of cookies this website uses, how to disable them on your web browser and how to specifically block third-party cookies.



What is a cookie and what is it used for?


A cookie is a file that is downloaded and stored on your web browser or mobile device (smartphone, tablet or smart TV) when you browse a website or app and is used for storing information about your page views. Like most websites, ours this web site uses cookies for:

Cookies enable us to optimise your browsing, by adapting the information and content to provide a better experience.

Cookies are associated with only anonymous users and their computers/devices and do not collect personal data references. The data obtained are segregated and do not provide personal identifiable information from a person. You can always configure your web browser by changing and/or blocking the cookies that are sent from this website, without this preventing you from accessing its content.



Why are cookies necessary and why do we use them?




What types of cookies do we use at www.sanchezdeleonabogados.com?


There are several types of cookies:

The next screenshot shows a “map” of all the cookies used in this website at the time of the latest update of our cookie policy:



On the other hand, depending on who manages the equipment or domain which sends the cookies and treats the data, we can distinguish between our own cookies and third-party cookies.

You can delete those cookies and also disable those services’ access rights.



How can you configure your cookie preferences?


By browsing and staying on our website, you accept the use of cookies under the terms and conditions contained in this Cookie Policy. Sánchez de León Abogados provides access to this Cookie Policy at all times so that users are informed and can exercise their right to block, delete or reject cookie use at all times.


In any case, we hereby inform you that, since the cookies are not necessary for using our website, you can block or disable them in your browser’s configuration, where you can reject some or all of them. Most web browsers can provide a warning about cookie use or reject them automatically. If you reject our cookies, you can still use our website, although your experience may not be as good.


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Cookie Policy update


Our Cookie Policy may be updated as a result of including, changing or deleting some type of cookies.


Therefore, our recommendation is to review this policy whenever you access www.sanchezdeleonabogados.com, so that you are properly informed about how and why we use the cookies at all times.


Our current Cookie Policy was last updated on [2 January 2014].