SÁNCHEZ DE LEÓN ABOGADOS is a multidisciplinary legal advisory and counselling Firm, founded in 1982 by Enrique Sánchez de León Pérez, Managing Partner.

From its three current offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia its professionals provide, in a personal and direct manner, high-quality assistance related to any Law specialty, with expertise in both legal counselling and litigation in specific matters pertaining to the Department of which they form part.

SÁNCHEZ DE LEÓN ABOGADOS provides clients with a computer tool that

allows real-time tracking of any matter or proceedings underway, enabling clients, at their convenience, to generate audit reports related to the proceedings on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

SÁNCHEZ DE LEÓN ABOGADOS has created its own brand, HEALTHCARE LAW CONSULTING, which offers specific knowhow in healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical matters, reflected both through its professional practice and through a variety of publications in the specialized media or even through publishing monographic works.

C/ Monte Esquinza, 28, 6º, 28010.

Tel.: 91 702 72 48 Fax: 91 700 06 83

Email: info-mad@sanchezdeleonabogados.com

Comte D’Urgell, 204-208, 2º C, 08036.

Tel.: 93 457 62 53 Fax: 93 459 19 76

Email: info-bcn@sanchezdeleonabogados.com

c/ Pizarro, 12- 3º, 7ª, 46004,

Tel.: 96 352 70 71

Email: info-val@sanchezdeleonabogados.com